Pieces of Love.

It has been a pretty long day, but here is the poem that had been stewing in my drafts for the last couple of days, all edited and up and promised day before yesterday! I can’t believe it took me this long to post it, but you just know when things need a little more tweaking.

This poem was writting after I realized how I have picked up traits of my friends and people I’ve admired over the years. Whether I did that consciously or subconsciously, I do not know, but I do know that a part of them lives in me and that’s a beautiful thing to think about. This is something we have all experienced at some point and I decided to put that into words.

Happy reading! Xx

I keep pieces of love hidden away,
A friend’s sweet laughter,
A lover’s gaze;
I keep them within,
I keep them safe,
Buried in corners of my heart,
Held in warmth
Where they’ll never fade.

I keep pieces of love within
Perhaps a little selfishly,
Pieces of souls I’ve touched,
Pieces of those that have touched me–
I save them in chests of gold,
Some magpie tendency:
Missing parts of me I fill
With pieces I’ve cherished.

I hide away my love
In all the pieces I’ve saved,
Words sweet from a friend’s tongue
Now sit on the smile on my lips,
Like some secret we treasured
Guarded from the world outside,
I keep pieces of them hidden
In the very places I hide.

I fill the cracks on my heart
With the pieces I’ve kept away,
Some salve for bleeding wounds
Kept aside for a rainy day;
I keep all the pieces of love
Someplace they’ll remain safe,
They become a part of me
Forever here to say.

I keep pieces of love hidden
In all the faces I’ve ever seen,
Some stayed, some walked away,
But they all left something with me–
Something I’ve treasured so,
Something I’ll forever keep,
Little quirks tucked away
In pockets of my memory.

I keep pieces of those I’ve met
Between the pages of my diary,
Like a fallen petal from a flower
That stubbornly clings to the tree;
I keep pieces of love in a safe,
I bring them out to reminisce–
But all the pieces have lived
Since forever in me.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Tim Johnson on Unsplash

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