Burnt Out.

You know when you’re so exhausted after a week of work, your body and mind refuse to co-operate with you? It’s not that I don’t want to write and create like I would, on a good day, it’s just that I can’t find it in me this weekend, for some reason. Sometimes, we end up pushing ourselves too hard, and then, when our body pushes back, we are unable to keep with the amount of exhaustion that comes with it.

I didn’t even realize how many times I almost fell asleep today because I couldn’t really bring myself to focus on anything. And it’s normal because when you’ve had a really taxing week, you need to give yourself a break to recover. But it doesn’t really help when you have a million thoughts going through your head, is it?

Well, that, along with a bunch of other things that I am dealing with right now. Sometimes, we end up assuming that we have a place in people’s lives that is something which cannot be uprooted; but the reality comes like a wrecking ball to shatter all of that, and we end up realizing that maybe we shouldn’t assume who we are to people. Sometimes, the people who hold the biggest chunk of your heart don’t reserve the same kind of affection for you, and that’s okay. Such is life, and we’ll live.

But there’s this thing called overthinking that we’re all too familiar with, and our minds can be very, very cruel when they want to be. It’s especially during these times that we need to remind ourselves that we are good enough, and that we deserve a little break after doing something exceptionally well.

Be kinder to yourself a little more everyday! Xx

Featured Image by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

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