Every Now and Then…

Every now and then,

We promise ourselves to do better because we are tired of living the same old mistakes. Reliving our worst nightmares could be something that teaches us to learn from them and get our acts together, but sometimes, we find ourselves slipping up and falling several steps backwards. Does that really negate any progress we’ve made over time? It does not. We pick ourselves up and try again, even if we do take a while to cry about it. That does not make us any less human.

Every now and then,

We express joy for something that makes us the happiest, only for it all to be taken away in an instant. I know that this disappointment hurts in the worst ways, but please never think that you aren’t worthy of love or happiness. Please never think that you aren’t allowed to be happy again because the rain doesn’t last forever and neither does the drought. Things are bound to work in your favour somewhere along the line. I can’t promise you it will happen tomorrow, but it will.

Every now and then,

We lose heart for something we are passionate about. We could go for a really long time without doing the one thing that makes us happy. But does that take away the meaning of passion for us? It does not. Never let a little bit of setback take away from you what you love the most. That’s not fair to you.

Just a couple of reminders for the day, in case you needed one. Xx

Featured Image by Seb Mooze on Unsplash

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