It’s Nice, Sometimes.

Overthinking and having extremely loud thoughts in your head can be so, so scary because it breaks down whatever little confidence we have so painstakingly built up for ourselves over time. And when we let those thoughts in, we also end up exhausting ourselves more than usual.

But there are other days when you have the time to think with a clear head, and that just feels like everything has been put in perspective. It feels… nice, for lack of a better word. It feels peaceful to not have to think about what I should be doing next and how I should plan my entire day around it.

If you feel like you’ve been too overwhelmed lately, maybe try taking a day off for yourself. It is so important to have our own time and space to think. Otherwise, we’re just puppets being controlled by everyone around us, and that is so unfair to who we are individually.

Sometimes, I wonder how much I can push myself before I finally snap, but then there is only so much that a person can take at a time. It is important to do our best, but it also important to listen to ourselves when we feel as though we’ve been pushing our limits to an unhealthy extent.

Take some time off for yourself if you can. It’s nice. Xx

Featured Image by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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