Write Your Own Fairy Tale.

Don’t we all curse our lives because it’s as dark as the castle of the bad guys in the fairy-tales? Dark, dull, gloomy; nothing ever seems to go right. We constantly fall on our face, get up with great difficulty, only to realize that the floor beneath our feet has somehow changed to thin ice! It has led us into believing that life can never be fair to us. It has set us on a path where we forget how to express our feelings, where we forget to communicate out of the fear of accidentally jinxing our little moments off happiness. We have forgotten to live.

In short, we  have started living our  lives like horror stories, instead of pastel-and-candy-coloured fairy tales. We are missing a very important point here. We are the writers of our own story (either that or we need to fire the writer who is writing our story, because, ARE YOU KIDDING ME BRO?)  Answer this question- don’t you ever feel like you need a fairy tale life, where everything is always ‘happily ever after‘ all the time? As an avid reader, a ‘happily ever after‘ is all I ever think about. Not just that, I work for my own version of a happily ever after. And always remember this- if it isn’t the happy ending you wanted, it isn’t really the end.

“If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.”
― Mo Willems, Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs


So here’s a little reminder for all of you who think life can never be a fairy tale- it really can’t; it’s even better. Avid readers (much like yours truly) would understand the need to have a positive outlook in life and believe in miracles. The minute we start viewing our lives as fairy tales and believe that something better is yet to come, life turns around for good. Our thoughts  have much more influence on our lives than we give them credit for.

A very close friend of mine once told me, ‘Whenever you’re going through a crappy day, imagine that you got the one thing that you want badly; imagine the amount of  happiness you’ll get. Now channel that happiness into your present situation. All that positivity will paint your day a million times brighter.‘ It might sound crazy, but it really did work for me. I had my doubts initially. I thought that if I just imagine and derive happiness out of it, I’ll never work towards that goal, ever. But it’s really quite the opposite- you’re happy with the thought, so you work towards the goal for a long-term happiness. (Life hacks, people! Take notes!)

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


So, the very first rule to writing your own fairy tale is to have a positive outlook towards life. Believing in something can do wonders. For the people telling me that 11:11 doesn’t work, how could you possibly know if you haven’t tried? Maybe it takes more than just an 11:11 wish to get what you want. It will never rain roses; if we want them, we have to plant them. The same goes for wishes- you want something, you work for it. Simply wishing isn’t going to grant your wishes; when you wish for something, you’re indirectly wishing for the strength you will need to achieve that particular goal.

The next rule is to have a crazy imagination. Our words and our imagination are our most inexhaustible source of magic. You can travel to a whole new world, you can create a whole new world, with just a figment of imagination and words. It can carry us into words that never were, but without it we would go nowhere. Imagine what you do with these when you apply them to your daily lives! Life comes one step closer to becoming a fairy tale. Imagination encircles the whole world. Everything that you can imagine is real, believe in that. And if your imagination upsets someone, don’t worry, because the ones who find it crazy are the ones without imagination.

“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.”
― Maria Montessori

raw (1).gif

So, the next time you want to think of life as a dull, drab, greyish cloudy day, think again. What you think about life and make out of it is entirely up to you. Come on, guys! You use so many filters on your Instagram photos; it’s high time you stopped viewing your life through a black and white filter when you can choose a better one (everyone loves a dash of colour!). You alone can write the story of your life; and making it a horror story or a ‘happily ever after.‘ So pick up your pen and start writing. See where you take your story.

Cheerio! Xx


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