Crushes & Crushing.

For a person who is pretty vocal about her feelings, I’m surprisingly quiet when it comes to my crush. My crush probably doesn’t even know about this because he is so M.I.A all the time. My best friends are definitely tired of me ranting about him because let’s face it, they have heard all of it over a million times and they still do it because they are stuck with me for life (you really are! No use denying it). Every time they tell me to go and tell him how I feel, my head starts spinning with thousands of possibilities ranging from riding off into the sunset together to me ending up in my pajamas and eating a tub of ice cream with sappy rom-coms on the TV, with a box of tissues by my side.

This isn’t just about me; it’s also about all those boys and girls who go through the same situation. I get it; telling your crush seems like a very bad idea. You might end up risking your friendship. They might even start avoiding you all of a sudden. Or, you could end up getting the dreamy little happily ever after you always wanted. But the problem here is that we are all too scared to admit those feelings to ourselves, let alone admitting them in front of our crushes.

“There’s always the one person who gets a hold on you… I’m talking epic. Life changing. The ‘can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t do your homework, can’t stop giggling, can’t remember anything but their smile’ kind of hold.”

Jess Rothenberg, The Catastrophic History Of You And Me.


So, I decided to write on this particular topic because I know how much everyone can relate to it. Who knows, maybe it could even help you (or me) connect with your crush (wishful thinking, of course). But no, that’s not the point. See, words have a power over the mind like no other. The only other thing stronger than words are actions. And since actions cannot tell our crushes what we actually feel (that would be creepy), we must resort to words.

I really wish my crush knew what I felt, what goes on in my head when I think about him. It is a little weird, writing about it, though. The first thing I would like to tell him is how much I adore his manners. His manners are what drew me towards him like a magnet. Being a sucker for fairy-tales, I do love gentlemen. For real, mannered boys are a thousand times more attractive than the brats. So dear crush, if you ever read this, know that this is what sets you apart from every other boy I’ve met so far. You’re not just any other boy. You’re… You’re something else, altogether. I can’t just put this into words.

“I’m really hoping he’s being genuine because I can already tell that he isn’t the kind of guy a girl gets a simple crush on.”

-Colleen Hoover, Hopeless.People who love you will always stick by your side, no matter what.


“Dear crush, my friends tell me I should forget about you and move on because it’s making me mad. The truth, however, is that they are tired of me talking about you nonstop. I keep asking about you. My friends ship you with me; we are their favourite OTP. I have to hear endless ship names that they give us. They’re all dying to roast the marshmallow out of you, and it makes me laugh every time.”

This is probably the most relatable part of having a crush: ranting about them to your closest mutual friends. Thinking about what could be, giggling at the endless jokes and the secret code names you have given your crush- we’ve all probably been through it. Now, how would you like to tell your crush about this? Sounds like a scary thing to do, right? Because, “What if he thinks I’m some kind of a freak who is obsessed with him?

“But first things first: make him aware that I exist. It’s possible that he is already aware…”

-Laini Taylor, Night Of Cake & Puppets.


Now while most of the girls get butterflies in their stomachs  every time they look at their crush or think about them, those are the kind of guys you need to stay away from. The ones you will truly fall for won’t give you butterflies; they are the ones who will make you feel secure and treat you as though they have the whole damn world in front of their eyes; the ones who will make you want to improve yourself and encourage you to do what you do best- those are the kind of guys you want. Not the ones who give you false hopes and vanish into thin air, leaving you all alone to deal with your broken heart.

Also, I strongly believe in telling the person what you feel about them. So I’m going to tell my crush the first thing I talk to him, whenever that may be. I don’t expect you all to do the same, but I would like you to try telling your crushes what you actually think of them. You have no idea what their response might be. You might even end up surprising yourselves. People love a person who can be vocal about his/her feelings. If you haven’t talked to your crush, do it soon. Confidence is the key.

“She blushed and so did he. She greeted him in a faltering voice, and he spoke to her without knowing what he was saying.”
― Voltaire, Candide


The most important thing here is to be yourselves. If this person doesn’t like you back for you really are, are you sure you even want to be with a person who doesn’t accept you for they way you are? Sure, I get it if you’re nervous. Don’t worry if you start stammering or forget the exact words; what matters is that you get the message across. And if your crush doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, don’t stress yourself out over it, and definitely don’t change the way you look to impress them. You’re an amazing person just the way you are, and if someone can’t understand that, they don’t deserve you.

If you liked this article, relate to it or agree with me on this topic, share and spread the love! Also, let me know what having a crush on someone feels like, according to you! I would love to hear what you have to say!

Cheerio! Xx


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