Old-School Romantic.

Well, you surely don’t find a lot of those around anymore! People who are anywhere close to romantic are instantly labelled “old-school” and I just don’t get  what is so wrong about being old-school regarding relationships. Okay, it is one thing to be cool and detached but it is a totally different thing to go around saying that being an old-school romantic and being serious about relationships is a totally stupid thing.

People these days are so worried about commitment that they stay away from the entire romantic scene. The problem is that nobody wants love, they want temporary attachments so that they can avoid being all alone. While I don’t wish to be judgy about people’s preferences, the term ‘casual relationship‘ is thrown out so casually, that it becomes hard to ignore. Simple things like letters, polaroids and conversations seem to have taken a backseat and have been replaced by texts- which are convenient, but lack real emotions.

“Old-fashioned dating still exists. You’re either dating the wrong people or you are the problem.”
― Dominic Riccitello


People just don’t sit and talk anymore. Everyone seems to be in a hurry. People think using their brains instead of their hearts. Emotions are considered to be a liability. Gone are the days when two people exchanged letters and waited patiently for a response from their beloved. There is no trust at all, which is really sad. People lose their minds if their partners have not replied to their texts within a span of 10 minutes. A relationship is built on the number of text messages exchanged in a day.

What people don’t get is that text messages do not always reflect the person’s true feelings. The entire idea of modern dating has made people less patient and much less emotional. Everyone wants to be practical. People just don’t believe in the idea of love anymore; when deep down, we all want the same thing- true love and a happily ever after. What most people don’t want to understand is that one has to be patient enough to make a relationship work.

“In love, in all kinds of love, we wait. If I can’t be your dawn, I’ll be your sunset.”

-Rosanna Condoleo

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So, I asked my friends what they think about the classic “old-school romance,” and I got some really good answers. All of them, however, had one point in common. The old ways of dating taught us to be patient and to enjoy the simpler things in life such as handmade presents and letters. There was no rush; people took their own time to get to know each other and respected each other’s choices much more than they do today. People waited for the person  were in love with  because they knew that the person was worth the wait.

A relationship meant much more than just intimacy at the physical level; people connected emotionally through feelings instead of lust, as in the case of modern relationships. Old-school romantics lived in a time when things were repaired instead of replaced. Dates used to be silent and actually romantic- the way they are meant to be, without all the annoying selfies and incessant buzzing of the phone.

“Emotional intimacy is most meaningful and profoundly felt when we share our true selves with our partner and when we create a loving space for our partner to do the same.”
― Elaina Marie, Happiness is Overrated – Live the Inspired Life Instead


It was a time when things were kept private and not publicized on social networks. Relationships did not require validation from other people.  Old-school romance will forever be the best because the number of text messages and phone calls did not determine the love two people had for each other. E-mails, text messages and phone calls can never replace the value of letters. Letters will always be more valuable because they contain the essence of your loved ones; their warm fingers once moved over the very piece of paper they sent.

Yes, I am an old-school romantic, and I’m proud of it. I still believe in “Dear Diary” moments and letters. I still value simple handmade presents more than expensive ones, because I know the amount of affection that goes into making something for the people you love. I am that type of girl who would look for magical moments during a quiet walk with her boyfriend instead of classy dates. It’s really the little things that matter.

“Love can be expressed in a myriad of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain the classic love letter.”
― Auliq Ice


So the next time you want to use the term “old-school romantic” as an insult, keep in mind that old-school romantics were happier in simpler times than we are, with all the modern-dating drama. No matter how firmly we deny, we are all hopeless romantics. We all want to be won over in some sappy, romantic way or the other. Don’t be so practical all the time. Follow your heart instead of your brain.

Cheerio! Xx


If you are a hopeless romantic, spread the love! Also, let me know what you think about the article, because I would love to hear  from you!


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