What Changes Will June Bring?

Don’t worry! This isn’t going to be one of those posts where all I do is try to see things through rose-coloured glasses. This is me being real about my plans for this blog, something that is extremely close to my heart, for a hot minute.

A whole other month lies ahead of us, so I went on my Instagram and asked if you readers would like to see monthly-themed content on my blog. Because why not? It’s getting uncomfortably humid out here, which can only mean that monsoon is a few days away now. So with the season changing, why can’t my blog too?


And since I’m already on the road to getting things sorted in life (maybe), I thought that it would be a good idea to map out what I would like to write on my blog for all of next month. I feel like having a monthly theme on my blog would help organize my thoughts better, instead of a random mess that is my drafts section right now.

Because let’s face it! There is so much in the world that I could possibly write about, and I have to write for work as well. Boy, I’ve been writing so much these days that I feel like I’ve got nothing else to do when I’m not sitting in a corner, typing away!


Not that I’d let anybody forget, but yes, I’m still going to go back to my diary-blog format. After all, that was meant to be the original purpose of this site before I decided that it would be nice to expand into other areas as well.

So, after giving it a lot of thought, I decided that I would write about one thing about my everyday life that makes me grateful for everything I am today. I’ve been feeling the gratitude for quite some time now, and I thought that it could be a very welcome yet subtle change to my blog. GratitudeThat’s what June is going to be about for me.

diary elena

Let’s see if I can make it through the month. There is enough to be thankful for!

Yours truly,

The Shubhster! Xx

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