#NaPoWriMo Day 24: Handpicked.

The summer breeze is synonymous
With the wafting scent that’s in the air,
Sweet and heavy it hangs all around,
Intoxicating, inviting, all senses ensnared
As a hay-filled crate sits in the corner
Throwing its fragrance around everywhere–
Not an inch of the vicinity untouched,
Not any corner has the scent spared.

The sweetness of the fruits within
Runs down the fingers like golden nectar,
Closer to heaven, each bite into the skin–
If losing souls to a taste were real,
A thousand times over, I’d lose mine
To the fruit that now sits in my hand
Roughly the size of a human heart;
No wonder it feels like love.

Slowly devouring the sweet flesh,
Drops of heaven leave traces on my tips
Finding their way down my chin,
The scent stuck behind on my fingertips,
The sickly sweet taking me over–
Hand still wrapped around, eyes fixed,
As I admire the first mango of the season,
Only the best, handpicked.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Today’s prompt via napowrimo.net was surprisingly simple- FRUIT! And since we’re in the middle of summer, I decided to go with the only best thing (in my opinion) about the season.

Featured Image by Fedor on Unsplash

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