#NaPoWriMo Day 25: I Wish.

Once again, I find myself staring at the moon,
It’s a beautiful snow-white,
Smiling down at me in a crescent tonight–
Thinking about how it could be
If you were here standing, next to me,
Holding my hand, our fingers locked,
Even in the darkness, you shine;
It baffles me how I get to call you mine.
No matter how I try
It’s still about you I write,
For nothing else ever feels right,
So, until my inkpot runs dry
I hand all of my words over to you,
Whether my lips utter them
Or I etch them onto a rock,
I promise you these words are forever,
Just like you and I–
Your words ring in my ears
As clear as golden daylight
My cheeks colour red as I recall
The day you said, ‘We are meant-to-be’ after all’;
How do I even begin to tell you
How I love you more every day?
You’re as unattainable as the stars above
And there are no words I can ever say
That paint a picture of you so beautiful,
Because the one that hangs in my heart,
It’s beyond compare, the finest art,
You’re like my very own prized Monet.
So I whisper your name under my breath,
Only for my ears to hear,
But I swear I would scream from the rooftop,
Your name until my voice drops
Back into a breathy whisper, saying,
‘I really, really wish you were here’.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Today’s prompt via napowrimo.net is an extensive set of rules that I tried my best to follow through with, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t do a very good job of it. But the most important thing here is that I gave it a shot and it’s what matters the most anyway, isn’t it?

Featured Image by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash

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