Pinky Swear.

When my thoughts ran wild
And I let them drift out of reach,
You were right here, saying,
‘It’s alright; we’re in this together–’
Then, we’d talk way into the night,
Sealing deals with our pinkies
From miles and miles away,
Like we’re birds of a feather.
You know the ins and the outs
Enough for me to let my guards down;
Somehow, I blink and you’re here,
With words as warm as the winter sun,
And bubbling laughter loud,
Wide awake ’til the crack of dawn–
And you’re still right here–
Another day, we’re still going strong.
‘Look at the sunset’,
‘Look at the moon!’,
‘I saw this and I thought of you,’
‘Here’s a song I thought you’d like,’
‘That is so us!’,
‘I’m so proud of you!’,
‘Let’s write together,’
‘We should do this sometime,’
‘Know what would be fun?’
‘Hey, here’s a funny idea’–
A whole lifetime of plans written down,
Not nearly enough time for them all,
But if I have to, it’d be with you,
All my castles in the air.
We did make promises, after all,
Locked and sealed forever and ever,
The moment we said ‘Pinky Swear!’

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Valentin Antonucci on Unsplash

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