Ties that have always been,
Ties that will always be–
Do we share one?
I wouldn’t know;
I’d scale your walls for you,
But you wouldn’t let them down for me.

Ties so invisible,
I couldn’t tell if we were drawn;
Possibilities there could’ve never been
Have never felt this right before,
And now we’re pining for the stars–
As we always did, but even more so.

Perhaps my eyes will flutter awake
And I’ll realize that it’s just a dream,
One that inspired me in a million ways,
But how can I deny
The ties that bind?
Some have faded, others stayed.

Maybe there’s nothing here to see,
And that is fine by me,
But what is this undeniable gravity?
What ties could there be?
You don’t seem like you’re aware,
But I can sense something there.

And if we stray too far
We’d find our roads back,
The ties that bind will lead us home;
That’s where our hearts are at—
How I wish you’d just tell me
How it’s going to be!

Should the string break halfway through
As the tides and winds drift us apart,
Would we brave enough
To go back to the very start?
I wonder how strong these ties can be,
But nothing ever convinced me.

So, tell me if you see it too,
The ties that bind me to you,
Tell me I’m not the only one
Who has been living this dream—
Call it foolish hope or a reverie,
But these ties now feel more real than they ever seemed.

© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Manuel Sardo on Unsplash


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