Blues, Greys and Hope.

One thing that everybody is going through right now is the feeling being way too unprepared for whatever comes next. I must say, this year has been one curveball after another, and there’s no way to tell what is going to hit us next. And as much as I’d like to believe that things are going to be okay eventually, the feeling of uncertainty definitely isn’t something that’s helping. I guess we’re all just desperately trying to cling on to whatever sliver of hope we have, no matter how bad the cards we’ve been dealt so far. I would make fun of how stupid humankind is, but the truth is that hope is all that we have at the moment and it’s the only thing that is keeping us going.

When you think about it as a whole, it may not be such a bad thing, after all.

bad things can happen

Because after all the bad days that we’ve endured lately, we’re all still here. We’re still trying to be better than we were yesterday. Still picking ourselves up and making our way towards our goals. If that isn’t impressive, I wouldn’t know what is! The thing about bad days is that they end up taking a huge chunk out of us. It doesn’t matter whether it’s physically, mentally or emotionally, because we still end up losing something along the way. It takes time to build ourselves up after just one bad day, but when the situations are reversed, it only takes one bad day to drain all hope out of us. Sounds really unfair, doesn’t it?

Sometimes, things actually feel as though they might look up, but they don’t. Sometimes, the best things come to us only when we’re least expecting them. It works in mysterious ways. There’s no rule book that we can follow. There’s no way for me to tell you how to deal with your bad days because I’m trying to figure out my own. Everyone is dealing with their own stuff right now. Maybe things feel a little better when you’re talking to the people you love because that way, you know that, at least, you’ve got somebody who will stand by your side even when things go south. I think that it’s the little things that make us hold on to the hope that things will get better.

never give up

Things may not be so bad if good things still exist, right? It may not make things better instantly, but it’s a little bit of comfort, I suppose. We could use all the comfort at this point and there’s no shame whatsoever in admitting to it.

I wish I could tell people that things would get better, but the truth is that I don’t know either. I, just like all of you, am stumbling around and trying to chase away whatever blues and greys that I am being dealt at the moment. I may not be doing a very good job of it and I have my bad days, but at least, I am trying.

At least, I have hope.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Kristine Weilert on Unsplash

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