There is an allure to the dark,
Or so I’ve been told,
One that is hard to resist,
Easier to let take hold;
Moths, too, seek out the light,
Only to turn into ashes and dust,
Perhaps it is simpler to walk into the void,
Away from light, wherever it may lead us.
With the storm comes quiet,
And with the peace comes pain,
When all there’s left are thoughts too loud,
Loud enough to drown your voice, again—
One you never bothered looking for,
And the words never quite make it out,
Caught at the very tip of our tongues,
Held back, never to be talked about,
Though the weight is crushing,
Wearing out every sliver of hope,
The light keeps on calling
In voices alluring,
Until our footsteps we find taking us home.
A never-ending dream,
A moment of weakness,
A light never seen,
A veil in between us,
All the storms that we braved
Now seem so much calmer,
As we watch the dark fade,
Into light we’d run so far away from,
Piercing into a hazel gaze,
Burning with the glory of the sun,
In all the peace the moon brings;
Perhaps there is an allure, after all,
Perhaps I’ll give in.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

I was just thinking about a quote that goes something like ‘Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness; even the purest hearts are drawn to it,’ and I immediately recalled how many times this theme has been used to show that we’re all capable of good and bad, and that there will always be things that will test our restraint. Whether we give in to the ‘darkness’, whatever that may be, is up to us. Some of us have it easier than the others, I guess. Personally, I’ve felt this ‘allure’ a lot of times and I wonder what would happen if I just let that one darker version of me take over for a little while. Then again, it’s all just hypothetical, isn’t it?

Featured Image by Sam Sy on Unsplash

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