#NaPoWriMO Day 26: Sing To Me.

Today, napowrimo.net wanted us to write a parody of another poem or a song, but since I wasn’t really up for it, I did my own thing and wrote this really beautiful poem that I am very, very proud of. Hell, even I can’t believe I could come up with something like that.

While you’re here, you know the drill, make sure you check out Kittu’s Modern Mixtape and Amour Infini for more amazing poetry and make sure you actually tell them that their work is amazing. We writers could use some validation.

Happy reading! Xx

Sing to me
Songs of the loneliest blue
Sing to me the song that comforted you
Like the warmest embrace amidst the bitter winter,
Sing to me the song
You hummed yourself to sleep
When those that promised you comfort, forsook you.
Sing to me the song
You choked on in between your sobs,
As you shrunk into yourself further—

I might not always understand,
But if you sing to me,
I’ll lend you an ear,
A shoulder to cry on, if you need to.

Sing to me
The song you hold onto,
When the loss hits you the hardest,
Leaving cracks that you can never fill,
Sing to me all the haunting lullabies
That you think will keep you safe from those nightmares—
They never will;
Sing to me melodies from your childhood,
The ones you find yourself escaping to
When you think there are monsters under your bed—

I’ll walk with you,
Hold your hand too,
And we could walk the darkest roads together,
Sing to me, and you won’t have to be alone.

Sing to me
The song you want to play at your funeral,
The last thing you want to hear
Before you leave this world,
Before you’d bid us all adieu,
Sing to me the love song you hummed
As we lazily stared at the clouds, lay under a tree,
Sing to me the song that now has your face,
Your saccharine voice, your grace,
The song that is synonymous to you, for me—

And I would sing for you, too, you know?
If I was ever half as good as you,
But all I know is writing the lyrics
To the songs you breathe life into.

Sing to me
Songs from distant, foreign lands,

Sing to me sweet melodies
In tongues I could never understand,
Sing to me songs I couldn’t hear in a voice but yours,
In the way you break composure for me,
And even your laughter sounds like symphonies,
Ascending the most subtle octave I’ll hear,
Sing to me until we’re both breathless,
Until we’re all but gasping for air—

Every song you sing is beautiful,
But there are songs I’d rather keep all to myself,
A selfish little desire the heart harbours,
Songs I’d rather other ears never hear.

Sing to me
Enchanting songs of the Sirens,

I never could fathom how Ulysses did brave,
Until I heard you sing to me
In a voice no Siren nor Muse could ever compare,
Sing to me songs and pluck my strings as though I’m your lyre,
For you, I’d brave the oceans,
If it meant I’d hear you sing again,
Sing to me a song I’d hear through the storms,
Sing to me and I’ll walk through fire—

If drifting endlessly among the waves
Is all it takes to get home to you,
I’d do it for lifetimes,
If it meant I could hear you sing.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Marius Masalar on Unsplash

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