Another Day.

I tried writing a poem today.

It sucked. I hated it after writing just a couple of lines. But the most important thing here is that I tried.

I also tried to make not one, but two sketches today and I failed at both of them. But I tried. And tomorrow is another day, and I will try once again. I’ve just come to accept the fact that I am not not as motivated as I’d like to be on certain days, and it is oddly liberating to know that I don’t have to keep trying on the days I don’t seem to be in the right headspace for anything creative.

Funnily enough, being creative is what helps me stay sane on most days, but I am only human, after all. So is everybody else. Everybody runs out of juice sometimes and that is okay. I feel as though we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be absolutely productive 24 hours a day. It is as though we have forgotten that we do run out of energy sometimes. It is as though we have forgotten that some things don’t come to us as naturally as we’d like for them to. And that’s alright.

For now, I will just sit back and watch or read something that inspires me and I’ll go back to creating something tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, maybe the day after that.

Who knows?

All I know is that it feels a lot better to not constantly put yourself down for not achieving something within one day. Try it sometime, maybe.

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash

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