Listen Close.

Hi, it’s me again!

The aftermath of getting vaccinated is so much exhaustion; I think I had just fooled myself into thinking that I would handle this better than I did. I don’t remember the last time I was this down with a fever. It must have been around 3 years ago. But, yeah, I spent all of today just taking as many naps as possible because I couldn’t get myself to stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time.

I don’t exactly like that I wasn’t productive at all today. I don’t like it that I haven’t been able to write anything properly in the last few days because something or the other keeps coming up. And I know that’s hardly an excuse for it, but there are times when we are unable to be productive for reasons and that is okay.

It’s during times like these that I have to remind myself, again, that the hustle culture that we have been made to look at with wide eyes isn’t all that great. The entire hustle culture thrives upon sacrificing important things such as peace of mind and overall health, as well as giving up on our dreams because they don’t seem practical enough. It takes a long battle to actually come to terms with how toxic hustle culture really is.

I would like to remind you all today that it is okay to pay attention to your health sometimes and get lots of rest when your body demands it. We could tell ourselves that everything we sacrifice will lead to something better, but that isn’t how things work.

Listen to what your body and mind tell you.

As for me, I think my fever just broke and I feel much better than I did all day! Here’s hoping I come up with something better for tomorrow.

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash.

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