Down Time.

Well, well, well.

Would you look at who has come back with nothing after promising proper content the day before?

Anyway. I’ll keep it short because I am down with the aftermath of the vaccine. I’m alright; just a little case of the ouchies and a fever that is making me shiver, even under a blanket, when the temperature outside is just about 28°C. I have no excuse, but I’m here and I honestly feel a little all over the place after working on four art sales simultaneously. I’m a serious artist now, did I mention that?

I’ve spent the day working on two new commissions and then curling on the couch like a burrito. It’s nothing serious and it will pass.

Today, as I talked to a friend, they mentioned something along the lines of not knowing about a certain topic that we were discussing in that moment. And I had to remind them that it is okay to not know things. The world is pretty vast and even the most learned people hardly know anything about certain topics. Abd tou know what? That is very much alright.

The world outside makes us think that it is pretty shameful to be ignorant about things. But ignorance isn’t a sin, as we’ve been told several times, and you can’t expect everyone to come with a handbook about everything in existence. That is what learning is for. And learning is as constant as can be.

And that is all I have for today! I’ll be back with more bite-sized pieces in the upcoming week because, for the first time in forever, my schedule is busy, busy, BUSYYYYYY!

I hope you’ve all had a great day. Xx

Featured Image by Ricardio Mion on Unsplash.

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