It Has Been A Crazy Day!

I am honestly still reeling from the day that this has been. I don’t know what on earth happened and how everything just seemed to work out in one single day, but I am incredibly grateful for it.

It’s funny because yesterday I wrote about how we all need to embrace change. And it was a turning point for me as well, and it also encouraged me to accept the changes that were coming my way. What I did not know, though, was that just accepting change would bring so many good things my way. I have no words. I am just very grateful for the day it has been and for the week that this is going to be.

In the last few days alone, people have begun to take my artwork more seriously. I sold a pretty big painting a couple of days back, and today, I’ve sold three more, and I have two commissioned paintings pending. I am so stoked and nervous at the same time. I don’t know how exactly all this happened, but I am glad I didn’t give up when I felt like nobody was ever going to appreciate me as an artist.

On top of that, the job that I really wanted and that I applied to reached out to me saying that they wanted to interview me, and that is a pretty big deal because this is a step towards taking my writing more seriously. I am just glad someone out there thinks that my work is good enough for me to be a part of their team, and I am very, very grateful for this.

From where I stand, I can tell that I am going to get much busier in the next few days. I may or may not have enough time to write anything here, but I will make sure that I try my very best to do so.

I hope you all had a wonderful day.

I’ll come back and write something better very soon! Xx

Featured Image by Andreas Strandman on Unsplash

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