Put Your Foot Down.

Today has been… so numb.

I haven’t made much progress with the project I’ve been working on because the other party refuses to co-operate or communicate. It’s a little difficult to gst anything done at all when nobody is willing to listen to the idea you have for your project. At times like these, I don’t really mind being the bad guy by demanding they give me the chance to explain what I have in mind. Because, the alternative would just be settling for an idea that was never mine and that I never really liked, which is just all too depressing.

Sometimes, we need to assert our boundaries and let people know how far we’re willing to go, because otherwise it would just mean that we are okay with giving up our own ideas. It means we don’t value ourselves or our thoughts enough to give them a chance to truly be out there in the world.

The thing is, our own ideas are not without their flaws. But at least by asserting our boundaries, we’ll know that those flaws are out there on our own terms and not dictated by anybody else’s. It’s a powerful feeling, knowing that you have an idea that has the potential to become something more. And it is only fair that you give them, and yourselves, a chance to thrive.

Remember that failing something on your own terms is infinitely better than never being given the chance to put your ideas in action. You’ll never know how much you need to improve unless you put your ideas out there. There will always be a bunch of people telling you that it won’t work, but that is where you need to put your foot down.

Give yourselves the space you need to grow. Xx

Featured Image by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

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