1,000 Posts!

So much of our life is measured by milestones, and lately, I’ve crossed quite a few big ones, and I know that I’ll soon be crossing even more of them. This one in particular, is a reminder of how far I have come with this blog ever since I started it. There are, however, some other milestones that I have to acknowledge.

I have written 1,000 posts here, as of yesterday.

It is honestly surprising to me how close this particular milestone has been to my latest milestones of completing 5 years on this blog, as well as writing here for 900 days and counting. Soon, I will have completed 1,000 days of writing, and there’s another milestone that I will be crossing; one that I have so badly wanted to cross since I was a 13-year-old. It is a lot to wrap my head around, but I am giving myself reasons to be proud of myself, and that is all we can ever hope to do.

In these last 1,000 posts, I have written about almost everything that I have come across. I wrote about love, friendship, laughter, life, sorrow, loss, grief, self-love, achievements, failures, hope, passion, dreams, goals, and everything else in between. I have voiced my opinions here with quite an open mind, and I have had a wonderfully receptive audience for that. I have watched this blog grow from practically nothing into something that I have come to cherish. These are also the kinds of milestones I have to add to my still-growing list.

I have been able to explore many sides of myself as a writer. I don’t think that would have been possible if I hadn’t given myself the chance. I don’t think I could have done it if I was constantly told that what I do wasn’t important enough. I’ve never been made to feel as though this blog isn’t important by anyone and that is something I hold very dear to me because of how understanding and supportive people have been towards my writing. Every single person who reads this blog and spreads word about it is just as important in its growth as my writing has been.

I have written several posts along with my closest friends because their opinions have always been so valuable to me. My friends are some of the best writers I know of, and it has been a delight to have worked alongside them on so many posts on this blog. They have kept me motivated during some of my lowest times and I will forever be grateful for them. In these last 1,000 posts, my friends and I have done several writing challenges, including NaPoWriMo this year, which will be a really fond memory for me because of how much effort and fun had gone into those poems we wrote.

This blog had been a great step in being serious as a writer, for me, and it still is a safe-haven for my thoughts. I’ve had friends tell me that what I write here has comforted them in times of need. I’ve had people appreciate me for putting my thoughts out there, in words, because that wasn’t something they could do. I feel like I have been able to be a voice for people who have all the right words and no way to put them out there. It is a wonderful feeling to be told that what I write makes people feel heard and seen. It is, by far, one of the greatest milestones I’ve crossed.

As of today, my blog ranks #11 on Feedspot’s list of Lifestyle blogs and websites in Mumbai. To be put on a list like that, and to have been acknowledged as one of the top bloggers on any list, for that matter, let alone a list like this one. I almost could not believe it when this happened because all I have ever done on this blog was to voice my opinions in a manner that was relatable to everyone. This is one of my proudest achievements, and I think that no matter what comes next, this will be one I will forever cherish.

Most importantly, I think that although our life is measured in very specific milestones, it is very important to set milestones for ourselves that go according to a pace that we feel is best for us. Our milestones cannot and should not be compared to anybody else’s because our journeys are so vastly different. Please keep that in mind the next time you find yourselves comparing you to anybody else’s progress. You are so much more than just the average milestone.

Here’s to 1,000 posts and many more to come, I believe! I am incredibly proud of this and very grateful for everyone who has seen me on this journey.

Thank you so much, and here’s to a lot more. Xx

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  1. Aww what a beautiful post to match the achievement – 1,000 posts is incredible, congratulations lovely!

    “I have been able to explore many sides of myself as a writer. I don’t think that would have been possible if I hadn’t given myself the chance.” – That is an inspiration to write like no other. Writing is a process, an ongoing learning curve that can open new possibilities and encourage so much self-growth. I’m glad you’ve opened yourself up to doing it and took the chance to see where it would lead.

    Caz xx

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