You’ll Get There.

There are days when we’re going to feel as motivated as we have ever been. There will also be days where you decide that you’re just not going to do anything the entire day because you’re not feeling up to it.

And you know what? This is normal. This is completely fine. People feel this way. We’re supposed to take breaks to keep ourselves in working order. Even the fastest racing cars have to make pit-stops to keep running smoothly and make the finish line. We’re supposed to let our brains and bodies get the rest they need because they cannot keep going on forever.

Lately, I’ve been telling myself to take breaks from work pretty much whenever I see fit because things have been so exhausting. I feel overwhelmed by a lot of things at the moment and it takes a lot out of me to get anything done within a time-frame. Things have been stressful, and I’ve been coping in a healthy manner. I no longer stay up till very late and I get a full eight hours of sleep. And it has been more helpful than I expected it to be. My sleep cycle is getting better and I no longer wake up cranky.

This is not to say that it’s going to work for everybody. Things don’t always work out quite the same for everyone. But it really does help to get the rest that our bodies and minds need.

Here’s the thing, though: you cannot “catch up” on lost sleep in the weekend. Our bodies need sleep every single day, and we cannot make up for lost time by oversleeping in the weekends. I know it might not seem like solid advice right now, but eventually it’s going to make sense. This is not a threat or a warning, just an observation that I think was necessary to share.

I’m sure that a lot of us are exhausted at this moment, for whatever reason.

But it is necessary that we allow ourselves to catch up with things naturally, rather than forcing them into existence. Things happen in their own time, and it’s a lesson that I have learned the hard way. It might seem unacceptable at first because we¬†make things happen for ourselves. But we also need to be in the right place at the right time to do so.

And it all starts here, with us. Xx

Featured Image by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

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