A Little Too Much?

Full disclosure, I haven’t been doing a lot of writing lately.

The reason? I had been working on my second book and it is now ready and good to go. You’ll be hearing about its launch really soon, if things go well. But here’s the thing, I wasn’t really nervous about the news of my second book until well after I saw the designs for the front and back cover. It really made things seem a little more definite, a little more set in stone to me and I wasn’t ready for that.

It never feels like something is a big enough deal until you get to a point and realize that ‘Oh my God, this really is a big freaking deal‘, because up until that very moment, you haven’t really allowed yourself to think about what comes next. But the moment things start looking a little more definite, there is more than just a fleeting moment of freaking out all over the place. 

It’s more overwhelming that anyone could expect. It doesn’t feel any less overwhelming than it did the last time, for sure. I wonder if it ever gets any less, down the line. But I wouldn’t know if I never gave myself the chance.

Sometimes I wonder what on earth happened to the girl who wrote a blog post every single day without missing a beat, and I tell myself that it is okay to be exhausted of something that you actually like doing. I think it’s something I will get back to, eventually, of course. By the time April rolls around, I will be ready for another month full of poetry writing and I have so much planned, when it comes to writing, for this year.

And I promise to catch up with all the days that I missed out on writing, just so there is a sense of uniformity on the blog. But I think I’m okay with the fact that I didn’t really have it in me to sit and write like I used to, a few months ago. I don’t know when it hit me that I was tired of this, but I was and it took a lot for me to acknowledge it.

Often, when it comes to things we love, we don’t really allow ourselves to face the facts and accept them. Nobody is ever going to tell us how liberating it feels to tell ourselves that we are tired and ready to let go of things for a little bit. It will never seem like the right time to take a break because there will always be a million things piled up waiting to be done. But it’s not as much about when you should take a break as much as it is about why you should take a break.

People will always tell us that a break isn’t necessary, but by the time we realize that we need to take a break from certain things for the sake of our well-being, it is already far too late. 

And what was that about prevention being better than cure, again?

I guess that applies to our mental and emotional well-being as well.

Don’t let it get to a point where you feel overwhelmed by things so much that you forget what it is like to breathe. The world might tell you that it’s a good way to distract yourself but all it really is, is a way to neglect the very real issues that you definitely need to either recover from or sort out.

Figure it out! Xx

Featured Image by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

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