One Of These Days.

One of these days,
I’m going to vanish into thin air.
I’m done trying to find my ‘Happy Place,’
And I’m done pretending to care.
You wouldn’t know of this, though;
I haven’t let this part of me show.

One of these days,
I’ll run into the waves crashing on the shore.
They say it will help me ‘find my pace,’
But is it so wrong to want so much more?
I can’t settle for less, I cannot stop.
And I cannot rest until I’ve made it to the top.

One of these days,
I’m going to shut everyone out.
I’m so tired of your ‘tried and tested ways,’
Can you hear me? Can you hear me shout?
You go your way, let me go my own,
It’s ‘life’, you see— nothing’s set in stone.

One of these days,
I’ll be loud enough, I’ll find my voice,
I’ll catch the golden sun rays,
And be stronger than all the ‘white noise.’
I have but miles to go, I should be on my way,
Inching closer and closer with every passing day.

One of these days,
Maybe, just maybe,
I’ll vanish without a trace,
Go someplace I’m truly free,
Far, far away from prying eyes,
Building myself up like a Phoenix waiting to rise.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Hey guys, I hope you liked my poem. If you have someone you want to share it with, go ahead and spread the love. Let me know what you think in the comments below. You can also follow my travel blog, The Shubhster Travels. I’m big on social media and you can always find me on my socials, links to which are on my Home Page (and also given below). I’d love to hear from you!

Yours truly,

The Shubhster.


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