The Storyteller in You.

Who doesn’t love a good story?

A lot of you, my parents included (hi, Mom & Dad!), have so many interesting stories to tell. They’re the kind that nobody could ever get tired of, ones that make us smile, laugh, believe in love and magic, and inspire us.

tenor (5)

Can you imagine? 7 billion-something people on the planet! Imagine all the great stories that come and go every single day, all the amazing things people have lived through, all that they might be living at this very moment as you read my post— even you, for that matter. Just thinking about all the beautiful stories that could be told is mind-boggling.

Now think about all the stories that go untold or unheard of.


Unfortunately, not all of us feel as if our stories are good enough for the world to know. They’re simply narrated over and over within our homes because we can never get enough of listening to them and eventually fade away with time. What good is a really wonderful story if it is wasted like that?

With all the power given to us by social media, bringing your stories out of the shadows has become a breeze. The only thing stopping us is the hesitation or fear that maybe our stories won’t matter. While we cannot expect everybody to feel the same way about the stories we could possibly share, there will always be people who are curious about new voices.

giphy (14).gif

So here’s a crazy idea for you to work on: let the world know about the stories that you’ve kept hidden for so long. I know that I want to read them. You’ll be surprised how many more would, too. 

Hey guys! I hope you liked what I had to say. If you have a story to share, please do so. If you know somebody who would like to share their own stories, share this post with them as a reminder! You can also reach me on my socials if you want to chat. I’ll look forward to hearing from all of you.

Yours truly,


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