What My Work’s Like.

“So you’re a blogger! What is that like?”

In a nutshell, challenging, exhausting and incredibly interesting.

I also get a lot of “How hard can it be?” from people who know nothing about content writing, and let me tell you something— as a content writer if you’re not in the right space of mind, it’s impossible to write something that can strike the right chord with your audience.

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Six weeks into writing daily, I have a newfound respect for everybody who keeps creating new content every day in their lives. This is definitely not an easy thing to do. Coming up with new things to write about is such a task, and if I don’t have a set mental map for the content I want to post on my blog, which happens a lot of times, it’s easy to feel lost.

No matter how many topics I plan to include in an effort to make my blog versatile for you all, I can’t force myself to write about things that aren’t on my mind at the moment. That’s my biggest challenge. I constantly need to recenter myself in order to be able to get into the right headspace so I can write more content.

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And of course, there’s a time frame. Some bloggers don’t feel the need to write regularly on their sites, but others like me who either post daily or weekly, we need to ensure that we’re always full of ideas that matter to our audience.

From a distance, this might look like a very easy thing to do. After all, how hard can writing an average of 300 words every day be? But it’s not. I have to challenge myself to improve with every post that I put out here, and I feel like I have too, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Also, having a personal blog where all I want to do is interact with my audience leaves me with a lot less topics than I would like, so there’s that!

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But I find this very interesting because I can find inspiration from the smaller things in life, such as a walk in the park or a beach, and all I need to do is observe from a distance and ponder over it. I think that observing life and humanity is very beautiful and I absolutely love writing about what inspires me.

Personally, I think that my blog is more about appreciating the world we live in, being true to ourselves, and lifting each other up when necessary, and I try my best to show that on my blog. So if you’re still here on my journey, thank you!

Yours truly,

The Shubhster. Xx

2 thoughts on “What My Work’s Like.

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  1. Dear Shubhangi, I would like to give one mantra for your writing,
    ” My best yet to come”
    This mantra recite after every writing, this will keep u optimistic.

    Liked by 1 person

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