Behind The Scenes.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see an artwork, a photograph, a video, or hear a song for the first time? Do you take a few minutes to appreciate all the work that goes into it or do you simply acknowledge its existence in your life and move on to other, “more useful” things?


About a month ago, my friend came over for a photo shoot, and in order to get the kind of photos that she needed for her portfolio, she constantly had to tell me how I needed to pose and how my makeup should be for certain shots, what kind of props, backdrop or lighting she needed and such. And why shouldn’t she? It’s her vision that she was trying to bring to life. But the most impressive feat was the crazy angles from which some of the said photos had to be shot.


She had also mentioned a long time back that out of maybe the hundred and odd photos that she takes, she only thinks that about ten or so are worthy of being published. Not just that, the editing alone can take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours depending upon the artist’s vision for the shot. This has always baffled me.


And it dawned on me— not everybody appreciates the time and energy that goes into any kind of artwork. Not that we have all the time in the world, but taking a few minutes to appreciate the artwork that you choose to see on your social media, at the very least, is so important because you never know what detail, what emotion could be hidden to the naked eye.

giphy (20)

Think about what goes into the piece of art you so casually scrolled by— how painstakingly a vision has been brought to life for you to consume. Let art consume you the next time you come across an artwork worthy of all the praise in the world. Let the artist, who just wants to make the world a beautiful place, know that they are appreciated.

Let’s remind ourselves about this before we choose to scroll past it.

Art can be fun!

Cheerio! Xx

Hey everyone? ‘What’s with the newfound love for art and all the awareness about it?’ I know, right? I just realized that artists aren’t appreciated enough and it’s high time we did so. Share this with an artist you appreciate!
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.


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