Day 16: A Year Down, A Lesson Learned.

So, it’s my birthday today! 22 and all, big woop! And like I promised myself on my birthday last year, I am giving myself one piece of advice that I should have taken long, long back. Today I discovered the number of people who actually reciprocate the kind of love and effort I put into the equation I share with them and I’ll daresay my eyes are now wide open.


Maybe I am being bratty and entitled when I say this, but sometimes I just feel like I put in a lot more effort for people who don’t really deserve even a second of my time. Maybe it’s called being a human being, but mostly it takes a toll on me when I don’t see it reciprocated from the people I go the distance for. I know that it’s wrong to expect things because more often than not, it brings disappointment.


But today isn’t about that. Today is about celebrating a wonderful day where I was made to feel like a Princess, complete with a tiara, cotton candy pink and everything. I realized that I don’t have to look for love anywhere else because love is right here at home. Where my family is. And sure, I felt terrible because all of the people I wanted to celebrate this day with were in different cities, but in the end, it didn’t matter.

blair tiara.gif

The amount of love that poured in today from the people who really matter in my life would never let me feel like love was lacking. And why would I ever keep people around who made me feel otherwise!?

21 was all about self-love. 22 is going to be about taking out the trash from my life. And I am ready to embrace it!

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

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