Day 15: A Letter to the Future Me.

Hi there!

I hope you’re living your best life and living it extra size because that’s how I dream my life to be. Materialistic? Maybe. Selfish? A little bit. But is it wrong to assume that I’d make it big someday when you decide to read this? Definitely not. I’ve always dared to dream, and I hope that you haven’t stopped doing that, no matter what obstacles you had to clear to get to where you are right now. I would wish that nothing stands in your way, but you’ve always liked a challenge so why go it easy, right?

arya stark

I am writing this to you mere hours before turning 22. And honestly? I am so scared. Okay, maybe not scared. I am nervous. I don’t know how I am going to build the extra life that I have promised myself for the past 7 years, and by no means do I want to disappoint you; it’s the last thing I would ever want. But whenever you look back and read this, I hope you haven’t stopped listening to your gut because it has always led you in the right direction.

Blair Waldorf

I don’t know how much you’ve changed in the years that went by before you read this, but I hope you choose to have love, happiness and peace of mind over anything else. It’s what I am striving for right now and I daresay it’s a hard feat to achieve. And if by some freak of nature you’ve found all three in a single place or person, I hope you now better than to let it slip by you. A treasure like that doesn’t come by easily and you’ve learned it the hard way.


Listen to Mom and Dad. I don’t completely, yet. But they’re always right and I hope you can see that. They’ve seen the world for a lot longer than you have and even though they might not always see the light, they’ll guide you in the right direction to wherever you want to be in life 5 or 10 years from when you read this. Keep them close to your heart, and never let yourself forget this.


Finally, I hope you haven’t stopped reaching for the stars. I know how plucky I can be if I need something badly enough and I hope to goodness that you haven’t stopped being this person. Ever. Never stop chasing your dreams because I wouldn’t have. And no matter what you do, hold on to this person. This almost-22-year-old yourself who is writing to you because lately, I have realized that this year was perhaps one of the best in terms of individual growth.

Now go put on your tiara and remind yourself who you really are. Who you’re meant to be.

Yours truly,

The almost 22 you.

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Monique Carrati on Unsplash

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