What We Could Have Had.

I didn’t know what it was,
That awful pit in my stomach,
Until I saw them walking together,
Two young lovers,
Hand-in-hand, down the road,
With smiles brighter than the sun
And laughs like music—
And believe me when I say
You could see their love from far away;
My heart sinking further,
Eyes stinging with tears—
I wanted to look away, I did,
But this heartache wouldn’t let me,
It left me wishing I had what they did.

But you, my love, are miles away,
Took my heart away with you,
All I’m left with are your words
As warm as the winter sun.
I doubt you know how I long for you,
I wonder if you yearn for me, too.
If absence makes the heart grow fonder,
Why, then, does this hurt so much?
We try coming closer,
Fate holds us mere inches away
From happiness we could have had—
It could’ve been us walking down that road,
It could’ve been us hand-in-hand instead.
But for now, with a heavy heart
I must say ‘I understand’,
For someday, we’ll have all that and more,
But until then, I’ll be wishing
For what we could not have.

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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