Your Own Light.

I think I had one of the most fun days ever yesterday. I spent the whole day in a beautiful city with my best friend, made some new friends and lived a day in the kind of life I’d wanted for myself. Of course, I am exhausted as I write this and I have a whole day to look forward to on a bare minimum of sleep. But surprisingly, I don’t actually feel the exhaustion because I’m really having the time of my life here. I’m sure it’ll hit me in a few days when I go back home and I have nothing to do except reliving these couple of days over and over again.

chandler bathtub

But what surprised me more is the number of people who told my best friend and I that they liked seeing us happy. I think that it’s one of the purest things in the world when a person’s happiness springs from another person’s happiness. There has always been something energetic about seeing my friends smile. Almost contagious because no matter how temporarily they exude sunshine and positivity into the world, it seems like a better place to be in. Something about being happy for others’ happiness gives me hope.


And the fact that we can, in fact, spend a whole day doing only things we love gives me the kind of happiness that I cannot even put in words. It’s safe to say that I am enjoying this trip that I am on, even though I’m making sure that I have some time kept aside to write. Because no matter how well my day is going, writing has become a part of it and I don’t think I can ever be truly happy now if I can’t write at least for a little while every day. It has become a part of my happiness.


The thing about being happy is that it’s not always about being on a vacation with your best friend or about doing great things in life. It’s also about that warm, fuzzy feeling you get in your stomach from the smaller things in life. Happiness exists. Whether we are in a headspace to acknowledge it or not solely depends upon the kind of struggle we’re going through at the moment. So when the time comes and you have to make your own happy moments in life, I hope you choose to seize them because the world is a bad enough place and a little bit of sunshine never hurt anybody.

blair serena

I used to think that the most important thing in the world was for us to hold on to happiness and love in spite of all the bad that the Universe throws our way. But the most important thing is to celebrate happiness in all of its forms, even when it’s not exactly in our lives. I always remember what Dumbledore said, that ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light’. What do you do when there’s no light? You look for a source.

happiness can be found

It isn’t as deep as it sounds. Not really. We light a candle or get a flashlight when the power goes off. So when life around us seems dark and gloomy, we always have the option to be happy for others and genuinely be a part of their happiness. Remember how the Universe always gives you back what you send out into the world? Yep. It’s that simple!

Give it a shot, maybe?

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Alex Alvarez on Unsplash

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