In the Air.

There’s something in the air today,
I can’t quite put my finger on it—
Hearts are melting, faces blushing,
Coy words are being exchanged.

And in front of me sits a giggling girl,
Smiling at the words of her lover,
Joy bursting at the seams of her lips,
Eyes sparkling, eyelids fluttering
Like the butterflies I swear are within her.
If I asked her, she’ll deny it,
‘It was nothing,’ she’ll tell me,
But how, maiden fair, would you conceal
What these eyes of mine see?

Elsewhere a young man pines
For his beautiful muse divine,
No other jane captivates him
Save for the one his heart’s with,
The one he’d go back home to—
Not knowing if she feels the same,
His heartbeats call out her name,
Every breath taken is to see her face
And every moment is an eternity in misery.

Here I am, my heart yearning
For the love of my life so far away,
In his city, where I can feel his soul
Calling out to me in whispers
Saying maybe someday together we’ll be
And the world around shall know a love
Unlike any other, maybe it’s a dream;
I’ll wait for you, even if it takes forever,
It’s what I promised you, and you to me.

Someone’s in love, another heartbroken,
And yet another is healing their heart,
Somewhere in this world exists
A cure so rare, it stands apart.
That thing in the air today, it was love,
Pure, innocent, rosy and warm,
Like golden daylight, true and strong,
Left my heart feeling mellow and full—
A feeling I wish never fades,
For my life seems so much brighter today.

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.


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