Mustard Fields.

I looked out and I saw a field
As golden as burning daylight,
Underneath the skies so blue
A dream that feels so real
I could swear this was all true.
Outside my window I see
What only the Fields of Asphodel could be;
If this is what Afterlife is,
Then take my hand, darling,
And take me away,
Running into these mustard fields.
In my mind, I already see us here,
Sharing laughter and then a dance;
What a happy hue this is!
And if I had to paint my world,
I’d paint in shades of yellow and blue,
And if I had someone to share it with,
I know in my heart I’d want you.
And right in the middle would be a house,
A little place that we’d call home—
Somewhere that’s ours, somewhere away,
Right in those mustard fields
Is where I left my heart today.

~© Shubhsangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Joseph Northcutt on Unsplash

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