The Worst Fear.

The worst fear seeps in
When I feel you slipping away,
Like you were never real,
Like you were never mine–
What if it were all just a dream?
A page out of an unread story
None ever set their eyes on,
But I did set my heart on you;
You knew that, didn’t you?
Lured me in with hopes and dreams,
I shared my soul with you,
And you revealed yours to me.
Here and now, I’m afraid.
Afraid you were a mere misty memory,
Slipping out of my reach,
Non-existent between my fingers,
Where your hands should have been–
The worst fear grips me
As I blink back tears blinding,
I can’t hear your voice anymore.
I’ve held on for so long,
I’ve waited by the shore
Hoping I could hold you close.
But the worst fear ever
Is your name fading away,
The name you etched into my heart.
How I wish, as I do every moment,
How I wish we didn’t have to be apart.
Dearest love of my life,
This is not how our story ends:
We have yet so much to see,
To do, and be all that we could be.
The worst fear now is fleeting time,
The worst of all our enemies;
I wish I were that brave, my love,
I’m trying to be, believe me,
But losing you, I cannot do,
So this is all I’ll ask of you:
Come back, my love.
Come back to me.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Eric Ward on Unsplash

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  1. It’s only girl who love boys just possessive to her….. That’s the reality love wisely say truth to one who you do like , never hide real you once he love he will love for forever.


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