He-Said, She-Said.

They tell me we’d never work,
That we were made to fall apart,
Like stars just crossing paths,
A shot taken in the dark.
I’d shut them out, their voices loud,
But sometimes they crash over me;
Got me doubting, second-guessing
If at all we were meant to be?
Perhaps they’re green with envy;
They could never be us, after all!
Why then does it hurt me so,
All the he-said, she-said?
I always thought it was you and me,
Just us against the whole world.
But now, as I step out alone
And you’re nowhere in sight,
I can’t help but break a little.
My eyes searching for you,
Heart half-hoping you’re here
By some miracle, by my side.
What a foolish thing to hope for
When you’re miles away from me;
They told me you wouldn’t cross oceans
Like I would so willingly for you;
Such a web of lies they spin,
Like some cruel, twisted game!
The world can burn as they watch,
Deeper in love we shall fall,
And all the he-said, she-said won’t matter.
All that matters is you and me,
Together, as one, like you promised,
Promise me you won’t give up
On me, on us, on love–
Keep me grounded, afloat,
And all the other voices can fade away,
White noise that can’t get to us,
And perhaps our love shall live to see
Yet another beautiful day.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

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