Sadistic Selene.

I’ve been told that the Moon brings love,
I’ve been watching wistfully,
Hoping you’d show up out the blue
With that luminous smile on your face.
But when I look around,
You’re nowhere to be found,
And my heart sinks just a little.
But nobody shall ever know
How I miss you so,
Though they can, but, wonder.
So I ask Goddess Selene,
Why she brought everybody love,
Everybody else but me;
Like I’m not meant to feel it,
All the warmth and the joy.
I’ve been left out in the cold
With nobody but the Moon to talk,
But all she is a silent spectator
Who watches how breaks my heart,
As teardrops fall silently.
Some romantic notion you are!
You can’t even get a lover’s note across!
All you do is watch us pine away,
Listening to our woes and heartache,
Of how we are worlds apart
And yet our hearts belong to each other.
Tell me, O Moon above,
Have you, too, been broken in love?
For what sadistic pleasure it must be
To watch people love stay apart
Had your own heart been crushed so.
But if it isn’t so, what could your excuse be?
For once, let me see his face,
Let me sink in his embrace;
Bring my love back home,
Back home to me.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Anton Kraev on Unsplash

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