Pray For Your Souls.

Look at you march upon the graves,
Crushing unnamed skulls to dust,
‘It had to be done,’ you say,
‘We only ever do what we must!’
The stench of blood thick in the air,
And murderous cries ring loud;
What a pity, your false gods don’t care!
All you do is wave flags of ripped shrouds.

Look at you blinded by your hate,
Have you forgotten you’re human too?
Or are you so far gone for your faith
Gut-wrenching pain now means nothing to you?
Castles so long ago erected
Have since crumbled down;
The higher they rise, the harder they fall,
Brace yourself when you hit the ground.

Look at you silently witness evil,
No conscience, no heart, nor any wits,
Sold your souls to the devil,
God’s name still on your lips.
You feared the thieves in the night,
You became what you swore against–
Plundering in broad daylight,
You made the choice, took a stance.

Look at you so peacefully asleep
Like your guilt all but washed away,
Your holy water cleans skin deep,
Your sins lingering within to stay.
Neither any grace in your victory,
Nor your cruelty brave,
Farewell and may you damned be,
Pray for your souls to save.

~Β© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Guido Jansen on Unsplash

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