Curious Species.

Promises of the moon and the stars
We make for them to only fall apart,
So easily moved to tears
By the beauty of art.
We look out of our windows in awe
And dream of a Universe so vast,
We write poetry about the tides
And watch as time flies past.

We stare for hours at the painted skies,
Forever in wonder at the changing hues,
We stay up in the silence of the night
Whispering words we want to keep but never do.
In the company of music,
Silent tears we shed,
The sun comes up in all its glory,
Yet we’re unwilling to leave the bed.

We seek out the constant warmth
Of embraces, kisses and fingers intertwined,
We say words we don’t even mean
And chase after things we’ll never find.
Anger we bury until we can’t anymore,
Tears we hold back until they fall,
Words we bite until they escape usβ€”
How curious it is of us all!

In silence we suffer from unsaid words,
While wishing for all that we could’ve said;
How easier it would be, I often wonder,
If only we had been more honest instead.
Such a curious species we are,
We cause ourselves more pain than the world,
We hold things back and cry over words,
When all we really want is to be heard.

~Β© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Nino Yang on Unsplash

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