“Out of all the things we hold back, it still beats me why we keep all our feelings held back. Then again, there’s the big ‘what if’ that is always going to plague our minds. There is always the possibility of putting your feeling out there and getting hurt. So, we either write them down, express them in subtle ways, run away from them or bury them. My question to everyone who goes around burying their own feelings is, ‘How do you ever bring yourself to do it?‘ As much as I would like to follow a very carpe diem way of life, I have to admit, there are times when even I am unable to say what is really on my mind because I am worried about not having the right words to do so. I so badly want to say ‘I totally get it’, because I am guilty of having buried my feelings countless times, but the truth is that I really do not. I don’t think there is a proper reason for keeping your feelings buried so deep within that they fail to find a way out and slowly suffocate inside until you no longer feel the same way. What a weird thing it is to be human! To feel so much, every passing moment of our lives and to hold so much back because it isn’t always ideal to let our feelings be out in the open. When I think about how things would turn out if we could actually talk about the things we feel, I imagine the world either falling into a state of utter chaos or things getting a lot better for all of us. That still doesn’t answer my question: why do we keep holding so much back? My reason for holding back the way I feel is that people often do not feel the same way as you, which also means that the way you feel is not their problem. There are things that we all need to sort out for ourselves, on our own. Nobody gets to have their opinions about your problems. Sure, you could ask a bunch of your closest confidantes for their two cents on the matter, but in the end, it all comes down to the way you choose to handle your emotions. There really isn’t a right or wrong when it comes down to the way you choose to handle the way you feel (unless, of course, you do something that is extremely destructive; in which case, don’t do that!). I guess it’s just another one of life’s mysteries.”

Featured Image by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

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