Bonds we Forge.

It feels super weird to be typing this out as I sit in a moving car, but because I’ve got places to be, people to meet and a plane to catch in the span of a few hours, I’ll get straight to the point.

In the last week, I’ve seen friends really step up and come through for each other, whether it’s my friends or my family’s. It really warms my heart because that kind of a bond is extremely hard to forge. It’s like the kind of trust falls they make you do in all those team-building exercises— you don’t know whether your friend is going to catch you or going to let you down, but you decide to fall back anyway, and in most cases, if I’m not wrong, your friend does end up catching you.

Like I said, I’ve been crazy busy in this last week and I have had barely enough time at all to write anything here, but my friends were here for me when I needed them to be. You can’t expect that of everyone, or anyone, if I’m being honest. But there will always be people who will come through for you and that’s pretty much all that matters. I don’t think I have the words for kind of happiness that it fills you with.

I’ve been at my hometown for the last week, for a wedding, and I’ve seen how the people around us are, here. Most of them are people my family has been friends with since their childhood and I saw them run all around and helping us with the preparations for the wedding. They didn’t have to, they weren’t obligated to do so in the slightest sense, but they did it because they’ve been friends with our family for so long that they now count as our extended family. It’s an extremely beautiful thing to see.

Half an hour after I started typing this post, I am currently typing this from my Dad’s best friend’s place, and the living room smells delicious because Aunty is in the kitchen, busy cooking up a storm because we’re visiting. Again, she didn’t have to, but that’s just how this friendship is; Aunty has been telling us to visit ever since we came to our hometown last week. We love her cooking, too, mostly because it’s full of love in the form of butter!

Some bonds are just beautiful like that. We don’t expect them to turn out as strong, but they transcend to a point where the bonds become unbreakable. If you have such friends in your life, you best hold on to them and give them the love they deserve.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!
Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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