Who You Are.

Over the years, every single time I’ve had to introduce myself to somebody, I’ve had to water it down or give them a vague answer regarding what it is that I do. I’ve never really considered myself good enough to introduce myself as ‘a writer’ or as ‘an artist’ to people. You know how the world always tells you that your work doesn’t really amount to anything unless it’s hanging in a museum and/or is a household name? Yeah, that may be one of the reasons why I never deemed myself worthy enough to say it like it really is!

But today, when I introduced myself as ‘an artist’ to somebody, I felt something that, for lack of better words, can be called confidence. For the first time, I actually feel like I am good enough to call myself an artist. Maybe there’s still an extremely long way for me to go, but acknowledging my strengths is a reminder that I am, in fact, better than I give myself credit for. I wonder how many times we have to stop ourselves from being proud of our own work because we don’t want to sound too vain.

It’s a little sad, if you ask me. I know the sheer joy and satisfaction that I get from my work, and I know how much it stings when I have to say that I am ‘not exactly’ a writer, as if writing isn’t something I do every single day. So, the thought of people having to give vague answers, because they don’t think their work is good enough, makes me feel as though the world needs to be kinder to all those people whose content they so ravenously consume. Maybe it’s time we started giving ourselves more credit for what we do.

The world has made us believe that a little bit of self-appreciation is probably selfish of us, but I don’t think it is. Maybe we just need to be a little kinder to ourselves and acknowledge that we’re amazing. I hope you find it in yourself to say it like it is. It feels amazing!

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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