We could play pretend all day,
Be strangers in the face of the world,
Secretly aching as our hearts break,
Tearing our eyes on each other away,
For we no longer belong here,
A place we once called home;
How we lie to ourselves!
All the secrets we keep buried,
As though it wasn’t their names we had
On our lips whilst in our sleep,
Written across the yellowed pages
Of some old secret diary,
Covered in dust like the memory of us,
Who knew it’d turn so ugly some day?
Hell-bent that we are to erase,
All our rosy escapades,
Like they didn’t leave a single trace—
But wounds like such take time,
And every drop of tear burns through,
All the ties woven over those years
Now lie cut down in pieces two.
Our stories made fade out over time,
But ropes leave burns that run deep,
As we forever try to run away
From all that we once wished to keep.
All the distance in the world between
And yet, we cannot forget the pain,
For ties could all be broken, you see,
Any traces left washed away in the rain;
We could play the fool and deny it,
But some pieces always remain.

~ Shubhangi Srinivasan.

I read a beautiful quote in Mandarin today that goes something like ‘ou duan si lian’, which literally translates to ‘lotus roots break, but the fibers remain’. It’s a reminder that sometimes, we cannot fix things and that the people we were once close to can always become distant at some point, but the connection that you once shared will always remain. You can’t erase things like that. It got thinking and I decided to write this poem in the context of a little heartache, just because! I hope you liked reading it!
Yours truly,
The Shubhster. Xx

Featured Image by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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