Not a Care.

When I started writing here, and when I started making art, it was purely self-indulgent. I never thought that I could do this for a living, and honestly, I had no plans to do so, either. But now that I have started to make art for others, I have realized the importance of just letting myself have fun with it. It’s a reminder that my art is, first and foremost, for myself. And if I choose to make art for people who willingly put their faith in me to create something for them, I know I’m doing it because it’s what I’m passionate about.

So I made something self-indulgent today, even though I’m working on a bunch of new sketches. I just wanted to have fun with it and make something that was just for myself (and my best friends, while we’re at it!). So, that’s exactly what I did when I got the chance.

There’s just something very satisfying about doing things you love for yourself, every now and then! It’s not selfish, and it’s oddly therapeutic, if I’m being honest! When I’m doing things for myself, I feel as if I am manifesting all that I ever wanted. It’s more about letting yourself enjoy the things you’re passionate about instead of unhealthily immersing yourself in them. It had been so long since I did something self-indulgent that I had completely forgotten about how good it feels to put even my silliest ideas out there for no reason.

So, if you’re looking for some sort of motivation today, I am here to remind you to go ahead and do that thing you enjoy, and do it especially if it makes you feel as though you don’t have a single care in the world. We’re trying to manifest some positivity for ourselves this year, and it’s exactly what we shall do.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by jae bano on Unsplash

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