Dreaming with our eyes wide open,
Watching stories unfold,
All that we’d ever dreamt,
It’s like we struck forbidden gold;
We wrote stories that we called our own
Wishing upon all those empty lies,
And all this time, we could’ve never known
What washes away with the tides.
‘All in good time’, we told ourselves,
As we watched our scars heal and fade,
All in good time, it was, indeed,
We bid goodbye the memories made.
Perhaps you’ll write to me, someday,
We could reminisce and laugh,
But we’ll forever remain this way,
An ocean and a half stretched between us;
Forced to watch all that we set in motion,
Our stories unfurled, unfolding,
Left with nothing but echoes
And tales that will wear away with time,
Like cracks on painted walls,
Soon, we’ll have new ones to write,
New ones to pass on and cherish—
Perhaps doors will reopen to the past,
Yellowed pages of our story still holding,
Like those old songs that bring us peace,
I wonder if they still mean the same,
Time is a ravenous one, after all!
It’s a comfort, I suppose,
Knowing these stories will stay behind
Right where we left them,
Should we find our way back here,
But for now, we say our goodbyes,
Watch them unfold from far away.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan

We’re no strangers to parting ways but still wishing people the best from a distance. The memories we made with them will always remind us of the good times, but sometimes, we have different roads to walk and goodbyes are inevitable. We still watch each other’s stories unfold from far away and exchange a few polite words here and there, but there’s all that remains to it. And that is completely alright. We’re all meant to go our own way in the end, after all! I wrote this poem with that particular concept in mind. I hope you like it!
Yours truly,

The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

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