‘The World Has Turned…’

“There are these little moments in our lives that make us feel as though the world has turned and left you right where you were, as you were. You find yourself questioning every little thing and you wonder if you’re doing this whole life thing right. There’s just no right or wrong way to do it, unless you’re a really awful person in general, in which case, please know that you’re doing life the wrong way. The point is that no matter how much we convince ourselves that we’re somehow falling short and being left behind as those around us start to make progress unlike they ever made before, know that progress is relative and certainly not something that you can or should be comparing with others’. The biggest problem is that all of us are taught, from a very young age, that we should try to be ‘more like’ somebody else, and while that may be a good thing when you want to promote good values in a child, overdoing it and comparing them to somebody else every single chance you get leaves them feeling as though they can never be good enough, and that no matter what progress they make, they’re still going to be inferior. That is such a harmful way to look at things because I know people who have discovered a whole new side of themselves along with a passion to match much later than they hoped they would. But they’re happy. They’re content. And isn’t happiness the goal, anyway? We set yardsticks for ourselves based on what everybody else is doing, and we end up completely ignoring what our own capabilities and strengths are. If only we chose to look at things a different way, we’d see that we do not have to keep up with everybody else’s pace, unless you’re working as a team. Nobody but you gets to decide what your life is supposed to look like because your life is something you owe to yourselves and only to yourselves. Anybody else who is included in that list should be there because of love, and certainly never because you feel like you owe them something. The world is entitled; it takes and it takes more than it ever gives back. Finding yourself in that world is scary and it’s not surprising that a lot of us give up and take whatever we can get. But is that what we really want? Maybe we feel as though we’ve been sleeping while the whole world is getting ahead, but maybe you’ve just been trying to figure out where you need to be, and that’s okay. Your happiness doesn’t depend upon the path the world has given you. It runs much deeper even though it is such a simple thing to be. People walk their own paths, no matter how much they’d like to walk them together. It’s valid to be worried about where you are right now and about things going at a speed that you aren’t able to fathom, but never let it make you feel any less worthy than you are. The world is turning and you’re turning with it, whether you know it or not.”

Featured Image by Kien Do on Unsplash

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