A Random Entry.

“It’s not uncommon to find yourself lost down the rabbit hole that social media feeds are, wondering if you’ll ever be as good as all those posts and pins that you’ve saved and bookmarked to come back to on a later date when you feel particularly motivated to create something. I used to do that and I still do that, but it takes such a hit on my self-esteem, it leaves me wondering whether I’ll ever create something that is as good as everything that I have saved to serve as inspiration. The gloomy feeling lasts several days before I tell myself that my art is very different from theirs and that I shouldn’t compare. It’s not wrong of us to want to do better, but when you think about it, what good is it if you just want to do the same thing with your art? What’s the whole point of wanting to do things for yourselves when you spend hours upon hours just wondering if you’ll ever make art that isn’t your usual style? Why would you want to be anybody else? I find myself thinking a lot about why I keep comparing my work to styles that are nowhere even close to similar to mine, but the truth is that we never really acknowledge the hard work we put in because all we ever notice are flaws. Your work may be flawed and your work may not be what everybody else’s is, but it is uniquely yours and you should take more pride in that. I should, too. It’s only fair to us that we treat what is ours with more love and respect than we usually do. I wish I had it in me to take this advice more often, myself, but I’m just another work in progress as anybody else is. I love everything I create, as I should, so it’s only a little disappointing to me that I can’t bring myself to do it more often. Maybe it’s time we changed things a little, don’t you think?”

Featured Image by Bookblock on Unsplash

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