More Than.

I am fresh out of motivation to write anything at all for the day. It has been a suspiciously wonderful day and I wouldn’t let anything dampen it. I realized that it is incredibly rare for people to actually feel proud of themselves and what they have achieved so far. We only ever criticize our own work to the extent that it never really feels good enough, no matter what we do. So, when you finally realize that you are, indeed, capable of much more than you thought you were, it comes as a shock.

We are so unused to giving ourselves the credit where it’s due, but at the same time, we also expect the people around us to validate us and remind us that we are capable of so much more. We somehow forget that, sometimes, our surroundings are a reflection of our own thoughts. But you know what, self-love doesn’t come easy. It’s something we cultivate over time. To some, it comes pretty naturally. To others, however, it is a constant battle. So it’s not right to assume that we only deserve love or appreciation if we can give that to ourselves.

But I am certain of this: we should never underestimate our own abilities, even if we have a ton of work to do. Everyone is still learning, and there will always be things that we need to learn. It’s a never-ending process. But that doesn’t mean we cannot be proud of all the progress we have made so far. It is very valid of us.

Sometimes, however, it is incredibly difficult to not be disappointed in ourselves. But progress is never linear. There are all kinds of ups and downs and some days are always harder than others. But the truth always remains that everything we have learnt stays with us, and we are always trying to do better than we did yesterday. It is in our very nature.

Which is why I feel as though we need to, at the very least, appreciate ourselves for the progress we make and for trying at all. After all, why¬†shouldn’t we be proud of what we have achieved? How far we have come is a sign of how much work we are willing to put into something that we actually care about. So, if you’ve learnt something, it’s only fair that you try to celebrate your small wins. It’s not a bad thing to be kind to yourself, you know?

I guess we could all give it a go. What do we have to lose, anyway?

Featured Image by Milan Ivanovic on Unsplash

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