You know what they say about second chances; when you’re given an opportunity to start over, you make sure you take it.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, lately. I was working on a project and when it was finally near completion and the final work was sent back to me minus all the hard work that I had put in to make it look presentable. I can’t really go into details just yet because this is important to me, but I have been so caught up with that in the last week and I really do not have the patience to go over the whole thing and format it once again.

But the minute I did start going over my work, I decided that it could turn out to be something way better than I had meant for it to be. It is taking me much longer than I intended for it to, but I am pretty sure I want it to be perfect when I can finally talk about what I have been up to in the last couple of months.

All this extra work has been taking a toll on me, but I am determined to make the best of this second chance I have been given to make something good even better. I haven’t been awfully creative in the last month and I am not sure I like that. But I still am glad that I am working on something important to me.

Hopefully this will pay off. Xx

Featured Image by Simeon Jacobson on Unsplash 

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