Aren’t We All?

I am very exhausted today. I don’t even know where the entire day went between waking up in the morning to working until late in the evening, but I have barely had any time for myself today. And you know what? It sucks that I’ve had work to do on a weekend, but I’ve been finding it easier to lose track of time and fade away into nothing until I get my thoughts back on track, but for the first time in a really long time,  I felt like I could focus on something for hours at a time without losing track of myself.

It felt good. So even though this exhaustion isn’t something I would normally welcome, I feel like focusing on things is actually something good. Maybe things will get better and I can go back to writing the way I used to, before. It has been really painful to look at my notebook, all these days, and come up with absolutely no motivation to write at all.

Then again, I guess all of us go through slumps every now and then. It’s really difficult to break out of them once they begin settling in, and every time you solve a problem, three new ones appear right in front of you. There is just so much going on right now and I feel terrible for not being able to write properly because of work and other things, but today has been a reminder that maybe I haven’t lost my motivation. Maybe I’m just tired.

And aren’t we all?

We just need a break from all that we have been put through in the last couple of years alone, and that is alright. We will somehow find a way out of this. Maybe we’re all just trying to heal.

Aren’t we all? Xx

Featured Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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