The Fruits Of Hard Work.

There are several things that I would rather say today, but the most important lesson that I’ve been learning, over and over, is that when you put in the work on a good, focused, clear-headed day, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from actually succeeding at it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up surprising yourself with whatever you make.

I was told that I could do better the second time around if I knew what I was getting myself into. And it still remains true every single time I find myself slipping and failing at something the first time. I almost always get things right the second time. And by the time any of us get the hang of things, we’re already good at it, at least to some degree.

It isn’t always easy to watch your hard work go to vain, but it’s always a good lesson. And it’s a reminder that you need to try again and not give up, while you still find it in yourself to be motivated. There is so much potential in all of us that even we have no idea about. How are we ever going to find out if we give up after just one failed try? That doesn’t sound fair to us, does it?

Your hard work will shine through. Just have faith in yourself and never give up on things you actually want. There is so much potential in you. Xx

Featured Image by Daniel Chekhov on Unsplash

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